The Marketing Democracy is a consulting firm that helps marketers, marketing services agencies, and the media integrate their various marketing assets into powerful, integrated marketing solutions. We have specific expertise in finding the powerful intersection between creative (content) and media (channel).

Can your company benefit from The Marketing Democracy?

Take our quiz, and find out:

The majority of your marketing services dept has less than ten year’s experience. They entered the business after the full-service agency model blew up.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are your team needs training on how to best integrate separate agency partners to drive integrated marketing solutions for your brands.

You have a separate ‘digital’ agency and ‘mainline’ agency crafting brand communications.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are your messaging is not optimized for digital convergence: the line between ‘screens’ is dissolving. Is your messaging crafted for liquidity?

Your marketing services agencies come from separate holding companies.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are the appropriate goals, workstreams and compensation targets are not in place to drive the integration of content and contact.

Your marketing services agencies each receive their own ‘Client-to-Agency” briefs and they in turn, present their ideas separate from each other.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are your content and contact strategies are not in alignment. You are following an outmoded, distribution-driven marketing model.

You still refer to marketing services activities as ‘above the line’ and ‘below the line’.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are you are creating divisions in brand experience that can cloud a consistent and meaningful impression on your customers.

You are operating with fewer people and fewer marketing dollars.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are you need the tools to drive efficiency both in terms of human productivity and marketing outcomes in order to do more with less.

You have a wealth of customer data and market mix analytics available to fuel innovation for your brand(s).

If you answered ‘yes’… chances are, you can benefit from a process that integrates data and facilitates application of key learning to drive integrated marketing solutions.

Your brand’s marketing strategy is driven from one central idea that travels seamlessly across all touch-points for creating an important and involving experience with consumers.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are, you don’t need The Marketing Democracy!

If you answered ‘no’ and if it takes multiple flowcharts to see all brand marketing activities, your marketing efforts are suffering from organizational fragmentation.

Meetings with your agencies are time-consuming and not all that productive.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are you can benefit from marketing checks and balances that ensures: a) the right people are in the room to drive outcomes and b) every meeting advances toward an integrated marketing solution.

You are proud to be associated with the marketing efforts of your brands.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are you don’t need The Marketing Democracy!

If you answered ‘no’… your brand deserves a simple and inspiring story that sparks conversations and makes you proud as a marketer.