The Marketing Democracy is a consulting firm that helps marketers, marketing services agencies, and the media integrate their various marketing assets into powerful, integrated marketing solutions. We have specific expertise in finding the powerful intersection between creative (content) and media (channel).

Articles by the Marketing Democracy

In Search of TV Episodes: How Not to Reward Fan Loyalty

January 23, 2014 in The Huffington Post

Dealing with the Legacy of Scale in a Fragmented Media World

January 20, 2014 in Media Industry Newsletter

What if the hand that feeds you, bites you?

June 18, 2013 in MIN Online

The Fine Line Between Journalism and Viral Marketing

April 18, 2012 in The Chicago Reader

The 89%

February 08, 2012 in Min Online

10 Marketing Trends in 2012 (PDF)

January 02, 2012 in Admap Magazine

Beyond Channel Planning: The New Frontier

October 04, 2011 in MediaPost's Marketing Daily

A Lesson Learned From Greeting Cards: When Electronic Relationships Don’t Cut It

July 12, 2011 in MIN online

Paid/Owned/Earned: What happens what marketers stop ‘paying’?

March 01, 2011 in MIN Online

Media Multi-Tasking: Distraction or Ultimate Measure of Engagement?

December 01, 2010 in MIN Online

Beyond Continuous CRM (PDF)

December 01, 2010 in Admap

A Media-Saturated World with a Scarcity of True Media Brands

August 24, 2010 in MIN Online

In a world filled with ‘media’, why do we have a scarcity of true media ‘brands’?

August 20, 2010 in Radio and Television Business Reports (

A Commitment to Communications: Medill Extends IMC Curriculum to Undergraduates

May 01, 2010 in Medill Magazine 75th Anniversary Issue

Does your media plan have AWD? What happens when the ‘plug’ becomes mobile?

April 21, 2010 in MediaPost's Marketing Daily

Trial and Error Belongs in the Lab

February 16, 2010 in Mediapost's Marketing Daily

10 Marketing Trends (PDF)

February 01, 2010 in Admap Magazine

Listen Up!

January 28, 2010 in Mediapost's Marketing Daily

How to ruin a great (ad) look.

January 12, 2010 in Marketing Daily

Marketers, brace yourselves for the Speed of Share! (PDF)

January 01, 2010 in Admap Magazine

Cross-Media Case Study: Signal Strength

January 01, 2010 in OMMA

The Quickest Way to Ruin a Great Look

December 11, 2009 in

2010 Survival Guide

December 01, 2009 in MediaPost and OMMA

Top Ten Integrated Marketing Trends for 2010

November 27, 2009 in MediaPost's Marketing Daily

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has a marketing solution for the recession?

November 04, 2009 in

Wake-Up: A Screen Is A Screen Is A Screen!

October 29, 2009 in MarketingDaily

Top 10 Integrated Marketing Trends for 2010

October 09, 2009 in

There’s No “C” in the Title, “Editor”

October 05, 2009 in MIN Online

Move Over, Einstein!

September 29, 2009 in MarketingDaily

The Client/Agency Grail

September 04, 2009 in MediaPost's Marketing Daily