The Marketing Democracy is a consulting firm that helps marketers, marketing services agencies, and the media integrate their various marketing assets into powerful, integrated marketing solutions. We have specific expertise in finding the powerful intersection between creative (content) and media (channel).

 Can your company benefit from The Marketing Democracy?

Take our quiz, and find out:

Your marketing department is filled with people from different “Media Generations” who do not know how to speak to each other.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are your team needs training on how to translate two very different media languages among digital natives and digital immigrants.  Marketers who grew up in an analog media world see marketing differently than new employees who never knew a world without the internet. There is hope: common ground can cross the generational divide and enable marketers from different generations to create common plans that celebrate the best of all media worlds.

Your marketing efforts are separted by Paid, Owned, and Earned Media functions.

If you answered ‘yes’…your marketing efforts may be optimized to your balance sheet and nothing else. Consumers don’t see Paid vs Owned vs Earned media labels: to them, it’s all media. How we pay for marketing activities is irrelevant in The Marketing Democracy.

Your marketing organization has “digital marketing” “mobile marketing” and “social media marketing” as its own specialties within the marketing organization.

If you answered ‘yes’…your marketing exists in silos that no longer exist in the media world.  All media are now ‘digital’, most all media are ‘mobile’ and all media are ‘social’.

You set budgets for media channels first, and then you worry about ‘what’ to say in each channel.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are your content and channel strategies are not in alignment.  The old media planning rules have been re-written to emphasize C(3): Great Content + Engaged Consumers + Convenient Access

You want award-winning marketing and media innovation, but your agency presents the same thinking every year.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are you aren’t briefing your agencies for innovation and you aren’t setting the right KPI’s to reward innovation in the marketplace.

You have a wealth of data and market mix analytics and a lack of insight on what it all means.

If you answered ‘yes’… chances are, you can benefit from training that enables the left brain to appreciate the right and the right brain to appreciate the left.  True “Insight” is rare. But, with the right training and mindsets marketers can unearth meaningful  insight from all the Big Data that is flooding the marketplace.

Your brand’s marketing strategy is driven from one central idea that travels seamlessly across all touch-points for creating an important and involving experience with consumers.

If you answered ‘yes’…chances are, you don’t need The Marketing Democracy!

If you answered ‘no’ and if it takes multiple flowcharts to see all brand marketing activities, we’re ready to help.