The Marketing Democracy is a consulting firm that helps marketers, marketing services agencies, and the media integrate their various marketing assets into powerful, integrated marketing solutions. We have specific expertise in finding the powerful intersection between creative (content) and media (channel).

Marketing Checks and Balances ™

We live in an unbundled marketing services world. And, “unbundled” is good!  It fosters technical expertise, ensures a diversity of perspectives and ultimately fuels marketing innovation.

But, “separate” is not “equal” without a mechanism for governance. Frankly, “separation” often creates dangerous silos, process redundancy, and lost productivity for brand momentum. No single discipline can drive outcomes, alone. None is more important than the other. Each must coexist through a codependency and a tension that sparks creativity and momentum.

Enter The Marketing Democracy’s philosophy and practice of “Marketing Checks and Balances”. Much akin to the three branches of government, The Marketing Democracy places marketers and their host of marketing services agencies across both content and contact into a system of “Marketing Checks and Balances.”

At The Marketing Democracy, we believe in asking two simple questions:

1. Are the ‘right’ people in the room?


2. Are we solving a marketing challenge with an integrated solution?

We sit at the intersection of Marketers and Marketing Services Agencies to deliver “Checks and Balances”.  The Marketing Democracy service offerings include:

  • Training and Development: wiring the best people for a new media world
  • Process Simplification: identifying existing roadblocks, and eliminating them
  • Briefing  for Integration:  setting expectations for one team/one solution
  • Focus on Big Ideas: ensuring that the recommended solution is truly a “Big Idea”
  • Applied Knowledge: harvesting powerful and practical “aha’s” from the data