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Media: From Chaos to ClarityWhat happens when you apply old-school media thinking to a new media world?

Absolutely nothing!

“Media: From Chaos to Clarity” strips away the bias of a bygone media era to reveal the “Five Global Truths” that make sense of a messy media world.

“Judy has explained the changes in media and communications in terms that we’ve never used before. She understands networks and systems and circles and synergy and interactions, where most media and marketing communications people still think in lines and arrows and outputs.” – Don Schultz, Professor, Medill Northwestern University and Author “IMC: The Next Generation.”

Author Judy Franks takes the reader on a journey that departs the old, Newtonian media universe and enters a new world of media chaos where media work in exciting ways. The Five Global truths offer practical solutions that can guide more integrated outcomes in a fractured marketing world. For each truth, there’s a technology story, a pioneer, a lot of chaos and ultimately a truth—a new way to implement IMC.

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Additional Praise for Media: From Chaos to Clarity

“Media: From Chaos to Clarity offers a refreshing and optimistic perspective for marketers navigating today’s very turbulent media waters. It provides a new framework that better explains the evolving consumer experience, at a time when more accountability is being demanded from media and marketing.”

– Michael Moynihan, VP of Marketing and Consumer Communication, LEGO Systems, Inc.

“Judy Franks has created a wonderful guide to sense-making in the fractured 21st century media universe. Her survey of the landscape adds a measure of calm to the confusion and serves as an antidote to the predictions of calamity.  This is a must-read for anyone in the world of “content creation.”

– Charles Whitaker, Helen Gurley Brown Magazine Research Chair, Medill Northwestern University