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Judy Franks Designs and Teaches First Online Course in Media Economics and Technology at Northwestern University

June 19th, 2013

As Northwestern University expands into Distance Learning, Judy Franks was selected to design and instruct the first course in Media Economics and Technology as part of the Medill Part-Time Masters in IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) that is now being offered online.  Franks designed the course while collaborating with instructional designers from Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies to reflect the most contemporary ideas, technologies and platforms for delivering an exemplary higher education experience in a distance learning setting.  The course: IMC 461 Media Economics and Technology draws upon the theories of audience economics, a media ecosystem that is evolving based upon the Five Global Truths that Franks presents in her book, “Media: From Chaos to Clarity” and also explores revenue models that integrate the audience, the advertiser and the intermediary into new revenue solutions for the media.   You can learn more about the course and the part-time Masters in IMC program at:



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