The Marketing Democracy is a consulting firm that helps marketers, marketing services agencies, and the media integrate their various marketing assets into powerful, integrated marketing solutions. We have specific expertise in finding the powerful intersection between creative (content) and media (channel).

The Marketing Democracy

The Marketing Democracy can partner with any and all sides of the marketing and media industry: media companies, media measurement firms, marketers and their marketing services agencies and also industry associations. While our partners are diverse, our goal remains clear: to eliminate the “fake news” surrounding media and marketing and to clarify a new truth on how the media work in new and productive ways to connect consumers with content and brands.

Some of the world’s most revered brands have partnered with The Marketing Democracy to drive marketing and media innovation in a new media world:

 The Marketing Democracy has partnered several media companies and industry associations to help them tear down old media silos and instead share a new cross-platform engagement model that connects audiences to content and to brands they love.
Judy Franks, President of The Marketing Democracy, is a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences around the globe. Her speaking topics include: